Vanity Set with Mirror Specifications and Size


There is enough room for everything on this vanity table. The width of the table is almost 5 feet. The depth is 18 inches, which is a good depth for being able to reach everything easily. The table is 36 inches in height. However, with the mirror attached, the table stands at 7 feet. The mirror is 48 inches tall, giving you enough room not only to look at yourself while putting on makeup, but also to look at your outfit after you’ve gotten dressed.

The table is supported by 4 short “feet” made of molded chrome metal with a fleur de lys design. This is a vanity table for a large room that can accommodate it. Also, you should know that although the vanity table comes pre-assembled, you will have to screw in the small feet I previously mentioned. The legs on the bench also have to be screwed in. The mirror also requires assembly, the bulbs however, are included.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

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