Top and Bottom Drawers on Aico Amini Vanity Set


Although the specifications of the vanity table describe it as having 11 drawers, it really only has 5 real drawers. The other 6 ” drawers” are really 2 doors on either side of the vanity table with the outside carved to resemble 3 faux drawers. The storage space behind the doors has been divided in two. This allows space for larger items that may not necessarily fit into the top drawers, like electric curlers, makeup cases and the like. The five drawers on top are arranged in the following fashion: a low height drawer followed by a taller drawer on either side, and a large drawer in the middle. I think that part of the decisions for making these faux drawers were based for design reasons. As you look at the unit from the front, there is this illusion of 5 drawers on each side, giving the furniture symmetry and balance. Also, it may not have been practical to have drawers all the way to the bottom of the table, so the choice to have doors that looked like drawers may have also had an influence on how the doors were designed.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

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