Lea Elite Rhapsody Pedestal Vanity Bedroom Set in Cherry Color

Lea Elite Rhapsodys Pedestal Vanity Bedroom Set in Cherry Color priceCompletely capitalizing on the retro look, the Lea Elite Vanity in cherry color really does capture a vanity table for the earlier part of the 20th century. First of all the oval mirror, really harkens back to the 30s and 40s furniture that was very popular back then. It is a part of the vanity table. The mirror rests on two drawers which are great for storing small accessories. The rounded corners really give a slight deco effect.
The vanity table has 4 additional drawers, and a storage cabinet space. There is a drawer under the main table space. Then on the right hand side there are 3 drawers, to store the materials you use the most when putting on makeup. Another great thing about this vanity table is the storage space on the left hand side. It is covered by a door that is mostly the height of the table itself. Great for storing those larger makeup items like curler sets and large hair dryers. The finish of the wood really makes you feel you’re back in the 30s or 40s. Definitely a beautiful finish but dated historically.
There is a matching chair that for a change has a back. Most vanity stools are just that, a stool and nothing else. This chair is elegant has a back so that you have support while putting your makeup on and for those times when you just what to lean back and relax. This vanity table with mirror is part of the Lea Elite Collection, which is a complete bedroom set. The dimensions of this vanity set are 25.2 inches working space, 31 inches high and 19 inches in depth. Because of the two drawers on top, it’s hard to measure the top area, since the drawers are part of that top area. This is a luxury item and definitely for the person who can afford anything. Available now at Amazon.

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