Home Styles Marco Island Vanity and Bench

Home Styles Marco Island Vanity and Bench priceThink outside the box. You hear this term all the time. But how many times do we actually see it being applied? Not many. When it comes to vanity tables, how many ways can you design a vanity table to make it look new again?? Well, for the most part a couple of ways. But somebody over at Home Styles decided that there was still room for improvement and innovation in the design of vanity tables. As such they came out with this design. A rattan vanity table. You heard it right, rattan.
The first time you look at this vanity table, it screams Tiki Bar and Indonesian getaways. But Home Styles has crafted this table with meticulous care to make it an all out rattan vanity table. Throughout the side surfaces there is intricately woven rattan design. There is twisted rattan all along the edge on the top. The legs and base, although made of mahogany, are made in such a way as to hint at bamboo legs that held together with vines. But no, this is solid mahogany just pretending to be bamboo stalks which makes it very sturdy.
The bench comes with three drawers where you could store all the accessories that can make the table tidy. The drawers are felt lined for that special touch. Also, they’re designed for easy glide, no stuck drawers on any day of the week. A simple knob allows you to pull them in or out. The dimensions of this table can definitely accommodate a lot of people. They are 20.5 inches deep by 47 inches wide by 54.2 inches high. Definitely a lot of room on that table, to be able to put your supplies while you put on your makeup.
The mirror is designed to be tilted so that you can see yourself from any angle up or down. The mirror rest sturdily between two rattan panels that hold it place. There is also a rattan border all along the edge of the table.Also to make the vanity set complete, the Marco Island Vanity comes with a bench. This bench is also designed with the same rattan wicker motif. In order to make the bench comfortable, the bench is upholstered in comfortable black faux leather. It makes sense, cause if you’ve ever sat in a wicker chair for any length of time, it’s not very comfortable. However, sitting on an upholstered cushion seat is a breeze. The bench also has the solid mahogany legs, pretending to be bamboo, matching the table. This vanity set is probably one of the most unique ones I’ve seen in a long time. Check it out now at Amazon.

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