Powell Antique Black with Sand Through Terra Cotta Vanity Mirror and Bench

Powell Antique Black with Sand Through Terra Cotta Vanity Mirror and Bench priceThis elegant vanity table is a great addition to any bedroom. It’s large enough to make a great furniture statement in your bedroom and at the same time, small enough to fit in any bedroom. The vanity table has 5 spacious drawers, allowing you store all your accessories as well as an organizer. Each drawer has a raise center border giving it an elegant decorative look. The knobs for each are small and unobtrusive. The sand through terra cotta design gives a certain red distressed look to the wood, making it look more like an antique. Hence the name. The dimensions of this vanity are 3 ½ feet wide, 19 ¼ inches deep and 30 inches tall. The surface dimensions are large enough to keep a lot of your regular accessories on the table at all times. The legs of the table are a curved taper.
The mirror is simple yet elegant. It has a slight curve at the top and it’s a tri-fold mirror, which will allow you to see your profile easily. You attach the mirror to the back of the vanity, once done, it stays there for the life of the vanity. The mirror is 24 inches tall and can be folded in many directions.
To complete the ensemble, the vanity comes with a bench. This vanity bench is sturdy and well upholstered with a sturdy fabric made of cotton and polyester, generously cushioned to make it comfortable. It’s beige color contrast with the black perfectly. The seat of the bench is 20 ½ inches by 14 ½ inches and it’s 18 ¼ inches tall.
This is one of the best selling and best reviewed vanity sets on Amazon. It’s a high quality item and the kind of furniture that will last you a long time. If you’re in the market for a vanity table, you can’t do much better than this Powell Vanity Set. Available at Amazon now.

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