Hollywood Swank Vanity Table


And finally, there is the main 3 sided folding mirror. This mirror can be folded to your needs, up to 90 degrees. Beyond that, is not recommended since it can cause damage to the light bulbs.. Also, there are 10 dimmable lights along the center mirror. These can be controlled by a knob on the bottom of the center mirror, till the brightness is at your comfort level. The borders of the beveled mirrors around the center mirror on black and brown model are lined with faux leather with imitation rhinestones, to match the edge of the table. Considering that this is par for the course in all three models, Aico Amini is ensuring uniformity among the the different color sets. Whether you decide to get your vanity set in white, brown or black, you know that each one is going to come with the same high quality and the same specifications that make the Aico Amini brand such a respected one in the industry.

Image courtesy of Amazon

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