International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table

 priceThis unfinished vanity set has a rustic elegance while at the same time being very practical. With one glance, you can already see that this is different than the vast majority of vanities out there. For one, the table has a lift up mirror which hides a very useful set of makeup holders and jewelry holders. Opened in this fashion, this vanity set makes a statement when you actually try to use it, which is always a great thing to spice up the esthetic of a room. So, let’s look at the table.

The table seemingly has 2 drawers and a center compartment previously mentioned. But that middle section does adds a lot of storage space that you wouldn’t think was there when you see the table closed. Also, the red felt gives it a cool look. The dimensions of the table are, 31.5 inches tall, 20 inches deep and 40 inches long. That’s definitely a healthy amount of space and height, meaning that most anybody can use this particular vanity table. This vanity can definitely work for a young girl but at the same time, I think that it can be used by an adult woman with no problem. As long as you want a different type of vanity, I think it will work. The finish on the table is referred to as a unfinished which gives you opportunities to either add your own finish, or leave it raw.

The mirror is 13 X 13 and at that level, when you’re sitting, definitely gives you a good view of your face and shoulders. If you want a larger mirror, you could always get something to put behind, if you position the vanity against a wall. All in all, this is one of the more different vanities being offered. Check it out now at Amazon.

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