Design Toscano Queen Anne Dressing Table and Mirror

The Queen Anne Dressing Table and Mirror   priceAs you look at this high quality vanity table with mirror, you see the 18th century design replica and quality craftsmanship. There is intricate carving all over the wood and curves all over the place. This could have been plucked from some chateau in France and if found there, nobody would be wiser that it’s not a true antique. The table has five drawers with plenty of storage for all your makeup and accessories. The center has a concave curve to follow the line of the table while the drawers have a convex curve so as to follow the curved plane. Each drawer has a carving with a scalloped shell at each end for symmetry. Each of the drawers has a simple knob at the center of each, adding a touch of quiet elegance. There are carvings along the bottom edge of the table to complement the carvings on the drawers. The cabriolet table legs are beautifully curved starting with a hand carving and then tapering off. This vanity table truly pays homage to real antiques of this period by its attention to detail and that a lot of the work was hand carved, and it was done in days gone by. The table is almost 4 feet wide, 19 inches deep and almost a 3 feet high.
To top of this beautiful table there is a great mirror. The beveled mirror is surrounded by a wooden frame with great carving all around. The very top of the mirror comes to a carved point at the center with scooped carving around that point, here again emulating the style of that period. The mirror has hooks that open up from the sides allowing you to hang things like jewelry and other accessories that you may want to keep handy. The mirror is 27 inches wide, 32 inches tall and 4 inches deep. The bench does not come with the ensemble but can be purchased separately. If you’re looking for a very high quality vanity table that is almost like owning an antique, you may want to consider this model from Design Toscano. Available from Amazon.

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