Clove 6-Drawer Dresser with Mirror Review

Clove 6-Drawer Dresser with Mirror (Cherry) (75.40H x 62W x 18.50D) price
Clove 6-Drawer Dresser with Mirror
The Clove 6-Drawer Dresser with Mirror is an elegant cottage country style dresser. Simple in its design, it makes the most of it dimensions in providing storage. It features 6 spacious 8-inch deep drawers with plenty of space for storing your things, be it clothing or bedding. The drawers are put together with dovetailed bracing for excellent construction and sturdiness. Each of the drawers has two knobs for opening and closing. It is very sturdy, constructed of rubberwood, stained in a deep cherry color. It’s also available in black and natural colors. Its five foot plus width allows for plenty of things to be kept on top of the dresser, which can double as a vanity. The curves on the sides of the legs and bottom of the dresser give it an early 20th century modern look in spite of its cottage country design.
Inasmuch as once this dresser was sold as a unit, it is now sold as two separate pieces, the dresser and the mirror. You can see the dresser here and the mirror is now shown here. It’s unfortunate cause it really works well as a unit.
This dresser also comes with a 4 foot tall mirror, which really helps with using this dresser as a vanity as well. You can see yourself clearly when putting on makeup and at the same time, get a good picture of the outfit you’re wearing for the day. The mirror is part of what lends a lot of grace and stateliness to this dresser mirror combination. The mirror’s design is quiet elegance. There are internal opposite curves in the mirror’s inner frame. The base and crown match symmetrically. The mirror is only 3 inches deep, not taking up too much counter space depth-wise. If you’re in the market for a vintage style dresser with a mirror, the Clove 6 Drawer Dresser can make a good addition to any bedroom and comes in two additional colors, black and natural, if the present cherry color doesn’t fit your décor. Check it out now at Amazon!

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