Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso Finish

Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso Finish priceWhat’s new and cheap and very popular? The Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso Finish of course. Due its very reasonable pricing and it’s dark color, resistant to scuff and general living, this vanity table has definitely won the praise of many at Amazon. 224 people to be exact.
Although very Spartan in its looks, it has everything you need to experience your first vanity table. And another aspect of its popularity is the fact that it’s under $100. It has enough space on the table to put your makeup supplies on. It has a square mirror. It has one drawer. This is a vanity table for an environment that doesn’t have a lot of space. The table itself is 28 inches wide and 16 inches deep. With the mirror attached, the vanity stands at 50 inches high. The overall style of this vanity hints at cottage country. It’s very simple.
The table is square without any ornamentation and the legs have only the slightest of taper. It has one lone drawer with a very minimalistic knob sticking out of it. It is design as a just so piece of furniture. It has a just so number of pieces to make it functional. The mirror is square and it looks like a picture frame with a mirror in it. It sits on two hinges at either the side for easy positioning. A lot of people say that the color in the picture is not accurate. They are saying that it’s more like a very dark cherry,, not the espresso color it’s touted out to be. However, they all say that it still looks elegant regardless, its just that if you’re trying to match this vanity to the rest of your furniture and you have mostly espresso furniture and this comes off as dark cherry, then you may have an issue.
Last but not least we have the vanity stool. This is a simple stool with the legs matching the legs of the table. It is upholstered in off white polyester cotton combination. It complements the vanity well and it’s small enough to put under the table when you’re all done using it.
I should also mention that there is assembly required. However, most everyone said that it’s easy to put together, even those that don’t have much experience building things. So, considering all the positive reviews and the amazingly cheap price, if you’re looking to buy your first vanity or if you don’t have a lot of space and want a vanity, this vanity is something to consider strongly. Available now at Amazon.

International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table

 priceThis unfinished vanity set has a rustic elegance while at the same time being very practical. With one glance, you can already see that this is different than the vast majority of vanities out there. For one, the table has a lift up mirror which hides a very useful set of makeup holders and jewelry holders. Opened in this fashion, this vanity set makes a statement when you actually try to use it, which is always a great thing to spice up the esthetic of a room. So, let’s look at the table.

The table seemingly has 2 drawers and a center compartment previously mentioned. But that middle section does adds a lot of storage space that you wouldn’t think was there when you see the table closed. Also, the red felt gives it a cool look. The dimensions of the table are, 31.5 inches tall, 20 inches deep and 40 inches long. That’s definitely a healthy amount of space and height, meaning that most anybody can use this particular vanity table. This vanity can definitely work for a young girl but at the same time, I think that it can be used by an adult woman with no problem. As long as you want a different type of vanity, I think it will work. The finish on the table is referred to as a unfinished which gives you opportunities to either add your own finish, or leave it raw.

The mirror is 13 X 13 and at that level, when you’re sitting, definitely gives you a good view of your face and shoulders. If you want a larger mirror, you could always get something to put behind, if you position the vanity against a wall. All in all, this is one of the more different vanities being offered. Check it out now at Amazon.

Design Toscano Queen Anne Dressing Table and Mirror

The Queen Anne Dressing Table and Mirror   priceAs you look at this high quality vanity table with mirror, you see the 18th century design replica and quality craftsmanship. There is intricate carving all over the wood and curves all over the place. This could have been plucked from some chateau in France and if found there, nobody would be wiser that it’s not a true antique. The table has five drawers with plenty of storage for all your makeup and accessories. The center has a concave curve to follow the line of the table while the drawers have a convex curve so as to follow the curved plane. Each drawer has a carving with a scalloped shell at each end for symmetry. Each of the drawers has a simple knob at the center of each, adding a touch of quiet elegance. There are carvings along the bottom edge of the table to complement the carvings on the drawers. The cabriolet table legs are beautifully curved starting with a hand carving and then tapering off. This vanity table truly pays homage to real antiques of this period by its attention to detail and that a lot of the work was hand carved, and it was done in days gone by. The table is almost 4 feet wide, 19 inches deep and almost a 3 feet high.
To top of this beautiful table there is a great mirror. The beveled mirror is surrounded by a wooden frame with great carving all around. The very top of the mirror comes to a carved point at the center with scooped carving around that point, here again emulating the style of that period. The mirror has hooks that open up from the sides allowing you to hang things like jewelry and other accessories that you may want to keep handy. The mirror is 27 inches wide, 32 inches tall and 4 inches deep. The bench does not come with the ensemble but can be purchased separately. If you’re looking for a very high quality vanity table that is almost like owning an antique, you may want to consider this model from Design Toscano. Available from Amazon.

Potterville Black Finish Vanity Table Set

 priceSpace is not always at a premium for a lot of folks, especially folks sharing an apartment, who are not related, and people just starting out. So, if you really want a vanity set, it really can’t be all that big, otherwise there not going to be any room for anything. This is where the Potterville Vanity Set really comes in well. It has a lot of nice features that usually accompany an all around vanity but it doesn’t have the large size that some vanity sets seem to have.
The dimensions of this vanity set are: 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 30 inches high. Now when you add the mirror, it adds another 20 inches to the height, so this will accommodate most people quite easily. So, as you can see, this will easily fit in many spaces, even if space is tight.
It comes with only drawer, but it’s in the middle and large enough to put a fair amount of accessories, that way not everything is strewn on top of the table. In spite of its small size, it comes with a tri-fold mirror, which is rare for a table this size. The dimensions of the mirror are 30.75 inches wide by 20.5 inches high. Because it’s a tri fold, you can see your profile quite easily as you put on your makeup, you don’t have to be tilting your head.
The table is constructed of wood, as opposed to composite as some units in this price point are and it’s covered in white enamel veneer. Give it’s a nice glossy look and it’s easy to clean. Like with many products that you buy online, there is assembly required on this vanity table, so make sure you have someone around that is handy with tools and is not afraid to use them.
Also, as part of the package, the vanity table comes with a very nice stool. The stool dimensions are 18.25 inches wide by 13 inches deep and 17.75 inches high. This is an average height for the type of stools that come in these vanity sets. Most people sitting on it will be able to see themselves fine on the mirror. The stool is padded and upholstered in a nice modern white pattern.
This is the kind of vanity that could be a young girl’s first vanity or if you don’t have much space, it could be a full grown women’s vanity. Everything is relative. It all depends on your situation. But in the end, it’s cute, and it’s small, and it’s nice and it’s reasonably priced. Check it out at Amazon.

Home Styles Marco Island Vanity and Bench

Home Styles Marco Island Vanity and Bench priceThink outside the box. You hear this term all the time. But how many times do we actually see it being applied? Not many. When it comes to vanity tables, how many ways can you design a vanity table to make it look new again?? Well, for the most part a couple of ways. But somebody over at Home Styles decided that there was still room for improvement and innovation in the design of vanity tables. As such they came out with this design. A rattan vanity table. You heard it right, rattan.
The first time you look at this vanity table, it screams Tiki Bar and Indonesian getaways. But Home Styles has crafted this table with meticulous care to make it an all out rattan vanity table. Throughout the side surfaces there is intricately woven rattan design. There is twisted rattan all along the edge on the top. The legs and base, although made of mahogany, are made in such a way as to hint at bamboo legs that held together with vines. But no, this is solid mahogany just pretending to be bamboo stalks which makes it very sturdy.
The bench comes with three drawers where you could store all the accessories that can make the table tidy. The drawers are felt lined for that special touch. Also, they’re designed for easy glide, no stuck drawers on any day of the week. A simple knob allows you to pull them in or out. The dimensions of this table can definitely accommodate a lot of people. They are 20.5 inches deep by 47 inches wide by 54.2 inches high. Definitely a lot of room on that table, to be able to put your supplies while you put on your makeup.
The mirror is designed to be tilted so that you can see yourself from any angle up or down. The mirror rest sturdily between two rattan panels that hold it place. There is also a rattan border all along the edge of the table.Also to make the vanity set complete, the Marco Island Vanity comes with a bench. This bench is also designed with the same rattan wicker motif. In order to make the bench comfortable, the bench is upholstered in comfortable black faux leather. It makes sense, cause if you’ve ever sat in a wicker chair for any length of time, it’s not very comfortable. However, sitting on an upholstered cushion seat is a breeze. The bench also has the solid mahogany legs, pretending to be bamboo, matching the table. This vanity set is probably one of the most unique ones I’ve seen in a long time. Check it out now at Amazon.

Powell Antique Black with Sand Through Terra Cotta Vanity Mirror and Bench

Powell Antique Black with Sand Through Terra Cotta Vanity Mirror and Bench priceThis elegant vanity table is a great addition to any bedroom. It’s large enough to make a great furniture statement in your bedroom and at the same time, small enough to fit in any bedroom. The vanity table has 5 spacious drawers, allowing you store all your accessories as well as an organizer. Each drawer has a raise center border giving it an elegant decorative look. The knobs for each are small and unobtrusive. The sand through terra cotta design gives a certain red distressed look to the wood, making it look more like an antique. Hence the name. The dimensions of this vanity are 3 ½ feet wide, 19 ¼ inches deep and 30 inches tall. The surface dimensions are large enough to keep a lot of your regular accessories on the table at all times. The legs of the table are a curved taper.
The mirror is simple yet elegant. It has a slight curve at the top and it’s a tri-fold mirror, which will allow you to see your profile easily. You attach the mirror to the back of the vanity, once done, it stays there for the life of the vanity. The mirror is 24 inches tall and can be folded in many directions.
To complete the ensemble, the vanity comes with a bench. This vanity bench is sturdy and well upholstered with a sturdy fabric made of cotton and polyester, generously cushioned to make it comfortable. It’s beige color contrast with the black perfectly. The seat of the bench is 20 ½ inches by 14 ½ inches and it’s 18 ¼ inches tall.
This is one of the best selling and best reviewed vanity sets on Amazon. It’s a high quality item and the kind of furniture that will last you a long time. If you’re in the market for a vanity table, you can’t do much better than this Powell Vanity Set. Available at Amazon now.

Home Styles 5537-72 Lafayette Vanity Table and Bench, Cottage Oak Finish

Home Styles 5537-72 Lafayette Vanity Table and Bench Cottage Oak Finish priceThis vanity table is another piece of the Home Styles Lafayette collection. This is truly a very sturdy piece of furniture, design to last you for many years to come. The basic wood itself is mahogany with a cherry veneer finish. It was designed in cottage style which gives it an older look which at the same time can match with an eclectic bedroom look. Not exactly being shabby chic, this piece of furniture is actually very nicely finished and looks very elegant.
It has two smaller drawers that lined with felt. The center drawer has plenty of storage space for all those accessories like, brushes, electric curling irons, hair dryers, or even a makeup organizer. Giving it an additional antique look is the antique brass hardware for the knobs of the drawers. The whole structure is supported on rounded carved spindle legs. The dimensions of the table are 19.8 inches deep by 46 inches wide and with the mirror, the table stands at 57 inches tall. The table weighs 95 pounds, and must be assembled. However reviews state that assembly is very straightforward and did not cause any problems, directions are pretty clear on how to build it.

There is a tiltable mirror which can be removed completely if you just want to use the table as a desk and perhaps use your own mirror. However, if you do choose to use the mirror, the fact that it’s tiltable gives you the option to set it at the right angle for your face. The glass on the mirror is beveled at the edges. This vanity table is a new addition to Amazon and for now has only 3 reviews. However all three reviews are 5 star reviews, everyone that has received this table loves it. It has a great size and definitely enhances the space where it’s found.

Included with the package is the bench. It is upholstered in faux leather and has the same spindle legs found on the table. The vanity stool measures in at 18-1/2-inches in height, 17-inches wide and 15-inches of depth. This is a nice sized bench upholstered to be comfortable. If you’re looking for a sturdy and classy vanity for your bedroom, look no further. Available now at Amazon.