Vanity Girl Hollywood Broadway Lighted Vanity Desk

The Vanity Girl Hollywood Broadway Lighted Vanity Desk, is a unique and elegant version of the traditional vanity table with mirror. Although designed more for salons and for the makeup professional, this has caught the interest and imagination of women who just want to feel like a star while doing their makeup. At first look it’s very impressive and modern looking. But giant lights and non decorative construction screams Broadway dressing room or Hollywood makeup room.

The vanity desk is manufactured by the Vanity Girl Hollywood company, a company that although is only 5 years old, it has established itself well with the entrainment and sport industry, the kind of businesses that would use these quality vanity desks on a regular basis. In addition to the vanity desks, Vanity Girl Hollywood has created stand alone lighted mirrors, for those that already have a vanity table and would like to have the most amazing mirror to go along with it.

Makeup Vanity with Lights


The Broadway lighted vanity makeup desk is a sturdy piece of furniture constructed of steel and high density fiberboard. The steel is recycled metal. Vanity Girl Hollywood prides itself in being environmentally friendly, by using such things as recycled metal and fiberboard, so as not to cut down trees. Truth be told, this thing is built like a tank, and will be able to withstand decades of use under the most demanding circumstances. And since most of these tables, once set are rarely moved, you’ll have this in your life for a long, long time. The dimensions of the table are 30 inches high, 36 inches wide and 28 inches deep. There is plenty of room to be able to put all your cosmetics as well as things like hair dryers and curling irons. There are holes on the table to hold hair dryers and other cosmetic holders. The vanity desk comes in two colors: the black version that you see here and gloss white in the picture below. You should know that neither the table, nor the mirror comes assembled, you must put it together yourself.

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Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror

The mirror is what’s creating all the buzz for Vanity Girl Hollywood brand. This is the Broadway lighted table top vanity mirror style Hollywood. It’s large, it has lights it looks great, it’s exciting even before you turn it on. The vanity girl hollywood mirror has 13 dimmable bulbs, so that you can adjust the lighting to what works best for you. It really allows you to create an environment that makes the ritual of putting on makeup a great experience to look forward to. There are two plugs on either side so that you can plug in hair dryers, curling irons, charge your phone. It’s just very convenient to have the plugs right on the table. The unit is 34 inches high by 26 inches wide. Combined with the table, the two of them stand at 5’4″. However, you can buy the mirror by itself, if you already have a vanity table. When bought by itself, it comes with a sturdy base designed to support the unit well on any table you place it. It should also be noted that whether you buy the mirror with the desk or by itself, the 13 bulbs for the mirror are included. The unit comes in black, gloss white and silver.

How does the Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror compare to other mirrors of similar dimensions on the market? It’s a very simple comparison, there’s nothing else like it. No other manufacturer is creating a mirror with a base and lights of this size, that you can place on a vanity table. So, if you want a real mirror with lights while doing your makeup, the offerings from Vanity Girl Hollywood are it.

Are There Other Mirrors From Vanity Girl Hollywood?

Vanity Girl Hollywood has created another mirror which is smaller but with the same principle: A large mirror with lights that can be placed on a vanity table. In addition to the Broadway Lighted Make Up Mirror, this other model is designed to be more budget friendly, and/or if you don’t have the room to accommodate the Broadway Lighted Make Up Mirror. This is the Starlet Table Top Lighted Vanity Mirror.

This mirror comes with 6 dimmable lights and the dimensions are 34 inches by 23 inches for the entire unit. The mirror is really 25 inches wide by 18 tall, but the bulbs extend the width of mirror unit by another 9 inches, 4 ½ inches on each side. This mirror is also a very sturdy unit, with a secure base, same metal construction as in the Broadway Lighted Make Up Mirror. The mirror weighs 37 pounds and like the Broadway Mirror, it requires assembly. You can get the mirror in black, gloss white and silver, so it matches with any décor you may have

The Drawer

There is room below the table for an optional drawer. The drawer can be very useful in storing all your makeup when it’s not being used. However, this is a separate purchase, but you can buy the vanity table as a set with the drawer included.

The Stool


Vanity Girl Hollywood has also created a stool to be part of the Broadway Lighted Vanity Desk ensemble. The stool comes in two colors, black and grey It is made of a strong synthetic material that is double stitched for durability. The stool has an adjustable seat, and changes to the height can be made by pulling the lever under the seat, and can be as much as 25 inches in height. The seat has 5 wide legs with wheels for stability. Everything you need to build the stool is included as well as the instructions for assembly. The stool rounds out the whole Broadway Lighted Vanity Desk ensemble and all can bought together from Amazon.