Antique Dresser With Mirror

An antique dresser with mirror shows how much people have a fascination with the past. As we look at our past, things seemed to be better, things were made with more quality, or worse, some people consider the past to be the good old days. In his book, the Remembrance Of Things Past, Proust transports one of the protagonists to reliving the memory of the past, by munching on a Madeleine, a type of small cake. The past for some reason always seems more elegant. That spirit is what draws people to furnish their home with furniture that hints at another era. I think it’s the reason why a faux antique dresser is so popular. It allows people to elegantly furnish their home with a very practical item and at the same time, have something that elevates the esthetic of the room to a new level. On this page you will find several of these pieces, all with that antique look that sets them apart from the rest.

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