Vanity Table with Mirror and Lights

Have you been thinking about a vanity table with mirror lately?? Because these days, getting ready for the morning in the bathroom doesn’t quite cut it.  There is so much that you’re not doing that could be so beneficial to you if you only had a special space to make yourself up.  And if you’re one of those barbarians who is putting on their makeup on the train or the bus, you gotta cut that out right now!!

You need a vanity table, a dressing table, something, anything, that you can call your own. A vanity table where all your beauty materials are strewn in the type of studied disorderliness that you’ve grown accustomed to. It doesn’t matter if it looks messy to others, you know where everything is.   It’s a space that you’re comfortable with and everything looks familiar to you, even if to others it’s like “how can you find anything on this table????”   You smile a secret smile knowing that where everything is, is between you and your vanity table. 

And then, there’s the lights. Beautiful lights to let you see what you’re doing and what you’re doing it to. And the three mirrors so that you can see what you look like in profile as well as the straight view. People are looking at you from the side, you know?  That’s just one of the many things you’ll be able to discover about yourself with a vanity table. So, what are you doing in the bathroom still? It’s time to check out some of these vanity tables, cause I’m sure there’s one that was made just for you.

Life with a Vanity Table

Putting makeup on is such a personal ritual, that by having a vanity table, you create a space where all the magic happens, where you are transformed from a person that you used to be to the person that you want to be. That is the beauty of having your own personal space to make yourself up. In addition to which, you start creating the environment that you want to be in while putting go makeup. You have picture of the things that inspire you stuck on the side of the mirror. You have your coffee mug, you have your curlers, your curling iron, your hair dryer, all the things that go into making yourself up completely. And all this by being in your personal environment, with nobody to come and interrupt you because they have to use the bathroom or some such other urgent need that arises when you cohabitate with others.

Then there’s the feeling that you get when you’re finally finished that you’ve changed yourself from caterpillar to the butterfly and this metamorphosis happens every day as you transform yourself for the day that is ahead of you. Makeup is so much more than covering up, it’s about art, it’s about creating and by having space that you can experiment, and try out different things that allow you to see yourself in different ways, is the only way to grow new wings every day as the cosmetic butterfly. And that’s why a vanity table with mirror is so important.

Although there are many different types of vanity tables, a vanity table with mirror usually comes in 3 types: with a single front tiltable mirror, with 3 mirrors small, and 3 mirrors large. The single front tiltable mirror is the most affordable of all.

Image courtesy of Amazon